Are you fascinated by this land full of lakes, art and nature?
Would you like to unplug from the hectic pace of life?
Tired of the usual destinations?

We have what you need!


Funny, at one with nature, wellness, concentration, exactitude, away from the stress, this sort is ageless.

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At one with nature, you tone your muscles up, you establish the necessary trust with the horse.

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Inside and outside the clouds, light as birds, breathtaking views, adrenaline at 1000, carried by the wind, away from everyday noise.

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Self-confidence, coordination of space and time, orientation, adapting to any weather condition, courage, spirit of adventure

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Exhibitions, Parades, Ceremonies, Concerts, Music, Shows, Curiosities ... in a magic atmosphere.

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We are a young company made by people born and learned in the heart of Varese and surroundings.

Our grounded experience in different contextes: cultural, sport, culinary, and more; give you the chance to have a great time in this beautiful land.